The office project for Grupo Lar in Madrid is located at number 130 of the Paseo de la Castellana center. In an 11-story building built in 1964 and in which the intervention affects the first four floors. The main objective of the action is to provide a new corporate Lar Group, more modern and current. On the one hand, promoting a new company culture with more flexible and communicative work spaces, more horizontal and in which work relations are strengthened. And, on the other hand, creating a unique retail space that shows the renewed image of the company and its commitment to the future.

The offices occupy an area of ​​2793 m² spread over four floors. The ground floor occupies a total of 227m². The first floor is the one that has more surface with a total of 1127 m². The second floor 525 m² and the third 915 m².

The ground floor serves as access and houses the reception of the offices and the part intended for the commercial real estate. Therefore, it has two accesses located at the ends of the facade. The division between both spaces occurs through a wall that absorbs pillars, cabinets, etc., but at the same time, at certain points, allows some visual communication and transit.

The part of the reception is accessed through a sliding glass door, to an area located at a height ± 0.00 m where the customer service desk is located. This area is connected by two steps to the area of ​​exhibition areas, meeting rooms, access to the elevator, etc., located at elevation +0.50 m. The communication with the other floors is done through the elevators and common stairs of the building, and to a lesser extent, through the nucleus of the staircase and the lift of the premises.

Following the reception we found ourselves with an exhibition area, where the back wall is used as support for the "elect" system of choice of materials. Opposite her, at a table run, are the workstations of the commercial, lit by the same system of the rooms.

Next to the exhibition area, a meeting room open to the rest of the spaces but offering the possibility of closing by means of a glass sliding door system. Finally, we find a space for project presentations. This room is equipped with a projector, speakers and screen.

The first floor has a work area and another for customers. The work areas are organized in open space, with the posts around a wall of plasterboard that absorbs the pillars, and with large open gaps communicating the posts on both sides. This plant organization is used both on the second and third floors.

The office floors have several common elements that are repeated in each of the plants. As for example the meeting areas: three consecutive rooms, separated from the corridor by two fixed glass and glass door and where only the center room has a projector and screen.

Another common element are the kitchens. In the case of the first floor is larger, being the main office, and has an office area and another area of ​​tables. On the second and third floor, the kitchens are smaller, having a single space with two tables, and where one of the walls grouped all the facilities.

In addition on the first floor there are a series of spaces that serve the rest of the plants as the parcel, the room of the CPD, or the communications rack.