The building for the new headquarters of FCC is located in Madrid, in one of the new planned urban extensions of the city: Las Tablas. The objectives of the project were the centralization of the different FCC headquarters, distributed throughout Madrid (randomly over many years) and a substantial change in the corporate culture. Encouraging a more planned, flexible, horizontal and communicative work organization that is capable of adapting quickly and efficiently to the changing conditions of the current working world.

It goes from an obsolete model (circumstantial, unplanned, decentralized - with costs, rigidity, lack of synergies and duplication of services that entails) - to a more current and productive, rationalized, centralized, more operational and economic. With an optimization of resources (corporate image, space standards, corporate furniture ... etc) that will strengthen the image of FCC as a leading company and will facilitate synergies between all the departments that will occupy the new headquarters. It is important to differentiate, and more in these times of economic recession, between spending and investment. It is necessary to consider fundamental: the consumption, the maintenance and derived expenses that a property will have during its useful life.

The headquarters has an area of ​​implementation of 20,000 m² approx. in 3 buildings connected to each other, with two entrances and three staircases that connect the nine floors of the building, of which the two basements are for parking and between the ground floor and the sixth the offices are distributed. the presidencies in the upper floors.

For the first time in the history of the company, a standard of corporate furniture and spaces has been established, giving priority to all people having the same working conditions, especially in terms of strict compliance with regulations (ergonomics, proximity to natural light, exterior views, air quality, accessibility, energy saving and access to cutting-edge technologies). To facilitate the use of the building, the server spaces (archives, print corners, meeting rooms, etc.) have always been located in the same verticals of the building and have the same configuration in all the floors, in such a way that it is easy to orientate and dispose of them.

There are no private spaces, but they are shared by all employees according to their needs (Training rooms, Videoconference, Tele presence, Print Corners, Vending areas, Meeting rooms, Roving stalls, cafeteria etc.) It has been wanted to emphasize the role of training, relevant and differentiating aspect of FCC, placing it in a very visible place; at the entrance, in full view of all, in the center of the three buildings on the ground floor and with direct access to the street between the two receptions with numerous rooms equipped with the most modern means and facilities.

The most generalized workplace, is the bench in open space, always in contact with facade does not have a fixed width by definition, since it is modulated according to the requirements of the jobs (projects in progress), through screens Adjustable The offices (fish tanks) are located inside.                          

The concept of this new headquarters is inspired by efficiency, teamwork of highly qualified professionals, flexibility, movement, dynamism, quality, economic rigor, long-term vision and austerity.