In an office building near the National Auditorium of Madrid, property of New Winds, is the Headquarters of Knight Frank Spain. The ground floor premises, next to reception; are designed to give an exclusive customer service.
The site, of a rectangular shape, has a curved glass façade to the street Suero de Quiñones, and a plain one to the inner patio; on its long sides. It has two entrances, to the hall and carpark-toilet-service area; on its short sides.

The program consists of six meeting rooms and the reception hall, and the idea proposed is a common space (auditorium, exposition hall, events…) that links them.
There are two small rooms with capacity for six people, two medium-sized rooms with capacity for nine people, a presentation room and a boardroom.
The activities that will take place require antagonistic possibilities, on the one hand the privacy needed for dealing with clients (exclusiveness) and on the other hand openness and connection for social events.
The main idea consists of a continued organic common space; that leads to the meeting rooms, through some diaphragms that highlight the action of entering the halls: compressing the space from which you come and preparing you for the space to which you arrive.
The human and technical aspects needed for the activity have been very much taken into account for the activity that each space will contain.
Knight Frank is a worldwide leading company in its sector, with more than 120 years of experience. This project has the intention of going a step further in the improvement of its services. For Hans Abaton it has been an honour to have this responsibility, and to have the trust on us. The design tries to reflect the cultural expertise of its past, and also its modernity and innovation; with an organic spatial plan, giving public definition to the continued space for the exposition hall and a private one to its meeting rooms.
The project, near El Viso District is inspired in some of the architectures in this neighbourhood: Rafael Bergamín and Alejandro de la Sota (Arbesú House/organicism) are good examples, and in the National Auditorium of García de Paredes, the gable that is replicated in the two intermediate halls.
The project will be culminated after the second phase; which includes the patio design: that completes the project. We believe the project will come to be a new reference in the real estate world.

Architect in charge: Ricardo de Landaluce Arias
Architects collaborators: Víctor Conde Buezas, Pablo Fernández Ortiz, Laura Fringuello, Gonzalo Martín Román, Ana Martínez Santos, Naama de Miguel de Pablo, Fernando Ortiz Campos, Wolney Ortiz de Oliveira, Javier Tavera Tolmo